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Explaining Stratus Link

By David Fetterolf, Stratus Video President

Stratus Link provides interoperability between Stratus Video remote interpretation and any hospital’s telehealth solution. With this interoperability, limited English proficiency patients can receive on-demand access to medically qualified interpreters within a telehealth solution. Now limited English proficiency patients can receive the same access to remote care as their English-speaking counterparts.

Stratus Link provides your clinicians with access to medically qualified interpreters 24x7x365. Healthcare communication should be easy and efficient. Our interoperability promises that with just a few taps, healthcare providers can add a Stratus Video interpreter to any video conferencing call, regardless of the software used. Stratus Link can support multi-point video calls, so whether your LEP patient is having a one-on-one remote consultation or a consult with two or more parties, Stratus Video remote interpreting will be available to help.

Stratus Link will seamlessly display video remote interpreting (VRI) within your telehealth system. Stratus Link supports Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo, and Avizia, among others. Stratus Link engineers will work with your IT team and the telehealth platform engineers to bring the two systems together. Stratus Program Management will also work with you to define your requirements for the interoperation and to implement appropriately.

The interoperation product was inspired by the VRI integration into the Cisco-based telehealth solution at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), a Stratus Video client. Cisco carts at LVHN offer remote video consultations along with video remote interpretation, making patient communication easy regardless of the patient’s primary language.

“Stratus Link has helped us to achieve health equity,” said Joumana de Santiago, Manager of Interpreter Services at LVHN, “now LEP patients have even greater access to the full spectrum of care we provide.”

To learn more, read our Stratus Link press release here.

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