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Feedback Copy

 Interpreting Quality Feedback


If this feedback is regarding a recent interpretation call, please fill in this section.

  • Name / Number
  • This is the phone number of the device.
  • Please enter the time in date format. For example 12:01 AM.

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Benefits from your Feedback

We value continuous learning and development and believe that direct feedback (both positive and constructive) is a crucial part of that process. Your feedback will help us to reinforce our high-quality standards in the services we provide.

What Happens with your Feedback

On average, receipt of feedback is acknowledged via email within 24 business hours and promptly shared with the parties involved. Session standards are reviewed by a member of our quality monitoring team and a one-on-one session is scheduled with a member of our supervision team. The result is an in-depth review of the session in order to seek learning opportunities and/or opportunities to reinforce good values and solutions.

In extreme cases, additional action is required. On average, resolution can be expected within 2-3 business days.