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What They're Saying

Stratus Video is a fantastic place to work. Hear what our team members have to say.

Interpreter Testimonials

Stratus has been a great experience, I’ve learned a lot and helped a lot of people too. It’s a very professional company and you really feel their support when needed. Working from home is pretty awesome. Lucia, Stratus Video Interpreter
Stratus Video has changed my life in ways I never imagined. The satisfaction you feel when assisting a patient with interpretation as well as the professionalism you develop when working together with health providers have been key in my day by day motivation. The learning process of this industry never ends, you learn every day and you become versatile and resourceful in so many ways! Your desire to explore and study the languages will also become an exciting hobby and you will become a whole new person with one of the most amazing jobs that many (including myself) consider a dream job. Adri, Stratus Video Interpreter
I have worked with Stratus Video for over a year now and I cannot be more grateful. I have had the opportunity to grow professionally. I love interpreting. It feels great to know you can help someone communicate when they might feel the most vulnerable. Stratus makes sure we continue growing and developing as professionals. I am constantly provided with positive and constructive feedback as well as with frequent training sessions. Furthermore, having the opportunity to work remotely has helped me balance my work and personal life much better. Everyday, I start my shift confident I have Stratus Video's support in order to perform my best. Thank you! Adriana, Stratus Video Interpreter

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