Medical Interpreter Jobs
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Language Interpreter Jobs

Accessible & In-Demand

AMN Healthcare Language Services is an industry-leading language interpreting provider that uses a technology-driven solution to bridge the communication gaps between patients and medical professionals—facilitating the equity and continuance of care for all.

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Your Impact on Language Interpretation

  • Start Making a Difference Today

    As a Language Interpreter at AMN Healthcare Language Services, you’ll be part of a supportive, diverse interpreting team committed to growth and engaging in best practices to support healthcare facilities in improving care and equity for patients.

  • Language Interpretation Platforms

    At AMN Healthcare Language Services, you’ll have the opportunity to provide patient care through an array of personal and multimedia touchpoints, including, Video, Audio/Over-the-Phone, In-Person, Telehealth and Translation.

  • Spoken Language Interpreter Qualifications

    Minimum of 2 years of community/medical interpreting experience; when applicable, national certification endorsed by NCIHC or NBCMI preferred (CHI, CMI); third-party Medical Interpreter Language Proficiency Assessment; credentials in medical interpreting preferred and extensive working knowledge of the National Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

  • Sign Language Interpreter Qualifications

    National certification at or above NAD level 4, RID CSC, RID CDI, CI/CT, NIC, or BEI Advanced; minimum of 2 years of community / medical interpreting experience; familiarity with state laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act and extensive working knowledge of the NAD/RID Code of Professional Conduct and Deaf Culture.


  • Led and Managed by Interpreters

    We provide high quality language access services in critical healthcare encounters. Our benefits include competitive pay, professional development opportunities, a supportive team environment led by managers who are also interpreters, equipment and training, monthly salary and overtime.

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