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Medical Language Access Solutions
For Care Delivery

Language Services

We are exclusively focused on medical interpretation. All of our interpreters are highly skilled and medically qualified. We offer complete medical language services that include over-the-phone, video remote, and onsite interpretation along with an easy-to-use translation service. Our healthcare language services leverage every day technology like tablets, smartphones, and laptops to ensure easy integration into your existing processes. 


As an industry leader in VRI, we recognize the importance of both interpretation and technology quality. Our interpreters are highly qualified, culturally competent and extensively trained in medical terminology. Discover more about our language services below.

    Call Center
    Insights & Analytics

    Simplifying Multi-Language OPI with Device Integration

    Our audio service offers 24/7 access to over-the-phone medical interpreters in more than 200 languages and can be reached both over a telephone or on the AMN Language Services Interpreting application. Every call is answered quickly by a concierge who determines which language the caller needs and promptly connects them with an interpreter. With this healthcare language service, we can assure that every patient in your facility receives the language access best suited for them.

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    Accessing Medical Interpreters with Mobile Geolocation

    With InPerson, you can request an in-person interpreter the same way you request a car via Uber. The app uses intelligent routing to send interpretation requests directly to local interpreters who are pre-qualified. The software schedules and manages both contractors and staff, and allows you to see interpreter availability, credentials, job history, session length, ratings, cost, and location all in one place. You can streamline the process by which a healthcare facility can secure a medical interpreter. 

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    Superior Health Delivery with Video Remote Interpreting

    Video remote interpretation (VRI) combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation with the on-demand nature of over-the-phone interpretation (OPI). With just the push of a button, your patient will be able to see and hear a qualified medical interpreter in their language. VRI is instant, mobile, and cost effective. As the industry leader in VRI, we recognize the importance of both interpretation and technology quality. Our qualified medical interpreters are available around the clock, and our technology is quick and easy to use. This language service allows you to access healthcare without disrupting your schedule.

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    Including Limited English Proficiency Patients in your Telehealth Programs.

    Our video remote interpretation application is interoperable with your telehealth solution. With this interoperability, you can provide on-demand access to medically qualified interpreters within your telehealth solution to support virtual patient/provider encounters.

    Connect with your own interpreters on our application

    With our in-house call center, clients can use their own staff interpreters for video and audio calls within their facility. At times of peak volume, calls can roll over to our interpreters. This increases staff efficiency and lowers costs.

    Language Access Insights and Analytics

    The customer portal can be accessed via a unique login through our website. Within the portal, clients can pull detailed reports, search our Knowledge Base for support documents, create support cases and chat with a customer support representative. The reporting portal, Dashboards, offers insight into languages used, length of call, and device usage.

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Company News

We published a cost saving and patient experience case study with client partner Carolinas Healthcare System.

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Language Access Solutions that Build Stronger Connections

We are transforming the way interpretation is delivered by using an application-based approach. From video remote interpretation (VRI) and over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), to onsite interpretation and translation, our language services offer superior reliability and ease-of-use.

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