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Stratus InPerson Interpreter FAQs


What is Stratus InPerson?

Stratus InPerson is an interpreter request and scheduling platform designed to match institutions, such as hospitals and courts, with qualified interpreters with the skills they are looking for.

Who can be a Stratus InPerson Interpreter?

A Stratus InPerson interpreter can be any qualified freelance or self-employed interpreter who offers on-site interpreting services. To get started just download the InPerson app from the Apple or Google app store and click the button that says “Register as an Interpreter.”

In addition, Stratus is actively seeking interpreters who would like to do remote video or over the phone interpreting as well. To apply, visit

How does Stratus InPerson work?

The customer will make a request for an interpreter from their institution via wi-fi on the cellular network. Your cell phone or tablet (that is wi-fi enabled) will then be notified of a pending job request. You can then look at the request and see the details (time, date, pay, etc.), and decide if you would like to accept the assignment. Requests are only sent to those interpreters specifically qualified for that job. Jobs are allocated on a first-to-accept basis.

How do I get paid?

Stratus InPerson interpreters are paid every 2 weeks by Stratus. No matter how many institutions you work for, you will receive one check to cover all those sessions and receive one 1099 from Stratus at the end of the year.

What is the pay?

Every institution Stratus works with is given the most recent market research to establish the proper or “going” rate for interpreters with matching skill sets. All rates are disclosed upfront at the time of the request so the interpreter can decide if it meets their requirements before accepting the job. Premiums are paid for night and weekend work and cancellation fees are collected on behalf of the interpreter in the event of a last minute cancellation.

What are the working hours?

You choose when you work. You may want to work part time or full time. Some interpreters like normal business hours while others enjoy the benefits of higher pay rates offered on nights and weekends. You are your own boss, so it’s your choice.

Will I have to provide my own cell phone or tablet?

Yes, you will use your own cell phone or tablet and cellular and/or wi-fi rate plan. Stratus does not pay for or reimburse for those costs.

How do I become a Stratus Interpreter?

Just download the InPerson app from the Apple (for iPhone) or Google (for Android) app store. It is completely free. Once loaded, click on the “Register as an Interpreter” button and fill out the information form as completely as possible. You will then be contacted by a representative from Stratus and the process of verifying your information and getting your account set up will begin. Once that process is complete you will be added to the approved interpreter pool and you will begin getting notifications for available work. This process usually take 1-2 weeks.

Can I work with Stratus and other companies or agencies?

Yes! We think you will really like working with Stratus and we will do our best to keep you as busy as you’d like to be, but there is no exclusionary clause preventing you from picking up extra work through an agency or with companies you’ve already been working with.

Am I able to move locations once I become a Stratus Interpreter?

Yes, the benefit of being part of the Stratus family is that your job moves with you. If you ever have to relocate within the continental U.S. there is no loss of employment, hours, or schedule time. As long as the new location meets all connectivity requirements, you will be good to go.

Does Stratus offer any other kind of interpretation besides InPerson?

Yes. Stratus offers video interpreting and over the phone interpreting as well. To apply to be a remote interpreter, visit