Stratus Mobile FAQs - AMN Language Services
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Stratus Mobile FAQs

What are the features and benefits of Stratus Mobile?

a. Secure connection to Stratus Video interpreters in 30 seconds.
b. High quality video interpreting session builds immediate trust, rapport, and cooperation by communicating in-language, person-to-person.
c. All video calls are compliant HIPAA; Title VI, ADA; Title III, Civil Rights Act; and Joint Commission requirements.
d. Encrypted video connection protects PHI and PII.
e. Fast implementation with minimum impact to IT.
f. Secure connection over any network – cellular, public hotspot, consumer cable connection.

When should a customer use Stratus Mobile versus Stratus Video?

Customer should use Stratus ODI when:
1. Application must run on PC, Mac, Windows tablet or Android devices
2. Video device is located in a facility on the corporate network where it can take advantage of end-to-end encrypting between the hospital and the Stratus Platform to always encrypt the video call
3. If point-to-point calling is needed

Customer should use Stratus Mobile when:
1. Location is not on the corporate network (i.e. remote clinic and offices) and the video calls must be encrypted
2. When the iPad needs to operate over a cellular network, public hotspots or the patient’s in-home wifi. The automatic encryption feature of Stratus Mobile secures every video call regardless of the network being used.

Is the video call encrypted with Stratus Mobile?

Yes, every call is encrypted end-to-end. The encrypted connection is setup as part of the call setup process. The call cannot connect unless the end-to-end encryption is established.

Does the user need to do anything to turn on encryption for the video call?

No, The Stratus Mobile app handles all of the encryption setup and establishment requirements during the call connection process.

Can you make an audio call with Stratus Mobile?

Yes, the Stratus Mobile app can be configured to route to your current OPI provider or Stratus OPI. This service is available 24 x7, however, not all languages are available after business hours, especially those of lesser diffusion.

Is the video call recorded?

No, Stratus Video does not record video calls, Stratus OPI does record audio calls for quality control purposes. Audio calls are held for 30 days then deleted.

What data is collected on the call and where is it stored?

The following call detail record (CDR) data elements are collected for billing purposes:
• Phone Number of the devices (calling number)
• Phone number called (called number)
• Device Location/Department
• Call Start Date/Time
• Call End Date/Time
• Call Duration
• Language Service
• Interpreter ID
• Optional Additional information (e.g. Department, Provide name, Patient name, EMR#)

Does the app work on other platforms?

Currently, the app only works on iPhone and iPad platforms. In 2Q 2016 we will be releasing versions for Android, PC, Windows Tablets and Mac platforms. How do I login and use Stratus Mobile?

What do I do if the language I need is not available using Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

If a language is not available over VRI, then just press the audio languages button and you will be connected to your OPI provider. The audio button is the green button on the screen with a microphone in the upper right corner of the button.

Can I use my current over the phone vendor for Over-The-Phone Interpreting (OPI)?

Yes, Stratus Video will route your audio call to your OPI provider.

Does Stratus Video provide OPI services?

Yes, Stratus Video provides OPI services 24/7 in over 180 languages. The advantages of using Stratus Video OPI are:
• One vendor to resolve both OPI and VRI issues
• Consolidated invoices with call detail for VRI and OPI in the same format
• One customer portal for OPI and VRI custom reports
• One account manager for both OPI and VRI
• One contract for both OPI and VRI services

If the language I’ve requested on VRI is busy, does the call roll over to OPI? If so, when?

Stratus Video average answer speed is less than 30 seconds. There are times, especially during peak utilization, that it could take longer for an interpreter to answer your call. If a VRI call is not answered within 2 minutes, it is automatically transferred to your OPI provider to be answered. If you press the VRI button for a language and it is after scheduled hours, the call is automatically transferred to your OPI provider. The schedule for the language is on the second line of text on the language button.